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White Tricorne Hat - History 1954-1959
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Past Recipients of the White Tricorne Hat, 1954 to 1959:




Edwin B. Worthen

EDWIN B. WORTHEN (1879-1956)
Born In: Cambridgeport, MA

Moved to Lexington: 1880

Award Presented By: Unknown
Notable Achievements: President of the Old Belfry Club, Treasurer of Lexington Savings Bank, Clerk of the Water & Sewer Board, Appropriations Committee, Lexington Golf Club, President of the Lexington Historical Society. Trustee of the Issac Harris Cary Educational Fund, 60 Years of Attending Town Meeting, Charter Member of the Rotary Club. Inaugural White Tricorne Hat recipient. Known by his peers as "Historian". Unofficial steward of the Lexington story by the people.


* Photo Courtesy of The  Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library


Albert H. Burnham - 1955

ALBERT H. BURNHAM (18??-1959)

Born In: Unknown

Award Presented By: Unknown
Notable Achievements: Farmer, Former Selectman, Former Massachusetts State Legislator, Member of the Simon W. Robinson Masonic Lodge, Founding President of the Rotary Club of Lexington 1929-1930.



John Garrity

JOHN J. GARRITY (1884-1974)

Born In: Unknown

Award Presented By: Rev. Father George W. Casey
Notable Achievements: Superintendent of Parks for Lexington, Started the Supervised Playground Program, Supervised the Construction of the Town Pool, Recognized as a State-wide Authority on Recreation, Director of the USO Program in Lexington during WWII, Pioneer of the Boys Clubs in Lexington



Rev. Harold T. Handley

REV. HAROLD T. HANDLEY (1907-1980)

Born In: Swampscott, MA;

Moved to Lexington: 1938

Award Presented By: Unknown
Notable Achievements: Pastor Emeritus of the Church of Our Redeemer, Unofficial Master of the Descriptive Tours of the Battle Green, Town Meeting Member, Chaplain of the Lexington Minutemen 


William E. Maloney

WILLIAM E. MALONEY (19??-19??)

Born In: Unknown

Award Presented By: Unknown
Notable Achievements:  President of the Rotary Club of Lexington 1959-1960.


Dr. Fred S. Piper 

DR. FRED S. PIPER (19??-19??)

Born In: Unknown

Award Presented By: Unknown
Notable Achievements: