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Lexington Lion                 Year



Dick Michelson                     2005-2006

John Mungo                           2004-2005


Congratulations to

Lion Dick Michelson our

2005-2006 Lion of the Year

Mark McCullough                  2003-2004

Bill Carlson                            2002-2003

Robert Hopwood                  2000-2001

Eric Carlson                          1999-2000

Jack Irwin                              1998-1999

Richard Perry                        1997-1998

Kristin Nordahl                      1995-1996

Don White                             1994-1995

Paul Rouillard                       1993-1994

John M Lucente                    1991-1992

Kristin Nordahl                      1990-1991

Peter DiMatteo                     1989-1990

Robert Vigorito                     1987-1988

Michael Saunders Jr            1985-1986

William Fitzgerald                1983-1984

Varant Hagopian                  1979-1980

Herbert Grossimon              1974-1975

G Richard  Beamon             1969-1970

Elias Bears                           1967-1968

Abraham Wise                     1966-1967

Herbert Carlson                   1960-1961