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5 Mile Road Race - Road Race History
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The Lexington Lions Club Patriots Day Road Race is one of the oldest Road Races in the United States. It was first run in 1914 when it was originated and sponsored be the Lexington Athletic Association (LAA). The Patriots Day Road Race was originally refered to as the "Paul Revere Marathon" when it first began in 1914.


In 1914, Ralph "Curlie" Currier was among the 10 runners competing in the first running of the race. He finished 1st place. He is shown in the photograph below.


The original trophy won by Currier was donated back the the Lexington Lions Club by his family in 2006. The trophy will be on display on Patriots Day at the Road Race Registration area and during the awards Ceremony. In honor of Ralph Curlie Currier his family has donated a trophy in his name which is inscribed with the name of every 1st place finisher of the Patriots Day Road Race from 1914 to present.


  Ralph Curlie Currier - 1914 1st Place Finisher   Currier Cup Original Trophy

Ralph "Curlie" Currier -

1st Place Finisher 1914

Original Silver Cup Trophy Awarded to Currier in 1914


   Currier Cup New Trophy

 New Trophy - Currier Cup


Here is a list of the 1st place finishers from 1914 to present:



Year 1st Place Winner
1914 Ralph "Curlie" Currier
1915 Carl Page
1916 Raymond Moore
1917 John Lynch
1919 Dominick Modono
1920 James E. Durkin
1921 James E. Durkin
1922 James E. Durkin
1923 Leonard Short
1926 Joseph Murphy
1927 Albert MacDonald
1928 Vincent Carroll
1929 Winfield Ricker
1932 Evan Etnecul
1933 Dick Yerepud
1939 Mike Prohodsky
1940 Richard Cleveland
1941 James O'Leary
1947 Frank Darrah
1948 Dick Carmichael
1949 John Kauppinen
1951 Al Roberts
1952 Fred Schoeffler
1953 Richard Ollen
1954 Fred Schoeffler
1955 Ed Shea
1959 Bill Squires
1960 Russ Bennet
1961 Anthony Sapienza
1962 Robert Vinton
1963 Raymond Crothers
1965 Greg Kent
1966 Fred Schoeffler
1968 Paul Hoss
1969 Charles Lange
1970 Manuel Slate
1971 Arthur Dulong
1972 James J. Capezzuto
1973 Dan Moynihan
1975 Hamilton Amer
1978 Fred Doyle
1979 Steve Lavorgna
1980 Steve Hunt
1981 Henry Phelan
1982 Don Ricciato
1983 Jay Legre
1984 Matteo Cucchiara
1985 Ed McCarthy
1986 Stephen Desisto
1987 Bob Bradford
1988 Sedric Smith
1989 Dermot Fitzpatrick
1990 John Goodwin
1991 John Raach
1992 Brad Hurst
1993 Dermot Fitzpatrick
1994 Dan Stetanisko
1995 Bill Solimine
1996 Rob O'Hara
1997 Paul Hammond
1998 Chris Teague
1999 Larry Sayers
2000 Will Ronco
2001 Robert Winn
2002 Ted Fitzpatrick
2003 Ben Nephew
2004 Andrew McCarron
2005 Andrew McCarron
2006 Jon Korhonen
2007 Stephen Morris
2008 Benjamin Ndaya
2009 Kevin Rock Gray
2010 Paul Morris
2011 Paul Morris
2012 Eric Blake
2013 Eric Sofen
2014 Benjamin Jacobson