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4th of July Carnival - Youth Game Winners
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Lexington Lions Club                                    Youth Games              20143 4th of July Games

                                                            Event Winners List




Costume Contests


Judges:                        Marion Ryan   Joe LaMarca   Nina Riley


Historical Costumes:   1st place           Taylor Breiby as Helen Keller


Original Costumes:     1st place           Madelyn Lucente as Uncle Sam’s Girlfriend


                                       2nd place          Sophie Nihill as Tinkerbelle


                                        3rd place          Sophia Tsintsadze as USA Olympian


Running Races


            50 yard dash for 6 year olds


                        1st place           Eoin McCurdy


                        2nd place          Anbini Pannirselvam


            50 yard dash for 7 year olds


                        1st place           Kiki Reddy


                        2nd place          Jack Gehring


                        3rd place          Lily Nihill


            50 yard dash for 8 year olds


                        1st place           Pedro de Amorrortu


                        2nd place          Sean Crogan


                        3rd place          Ella Lucente


            100 yard dash 9 year olds


                                                            Girls                                                     Boys


                        1st place           Madeleine Parks                                 Cecil Cox


                        2nd place          Sophia Tsintsadze                                Will Sharp


                       3rd place               Katherine Gray                                   Rohan Reddy


                100 yard dash 10 year olds


                        1st place                Elizabeth Breiby                                               Francisco de Amorrortu


                        2nd place               Hannah Cataldo                                               Patrick Crogan


                         3rd place               Sofia Rezvani                                                     Octavio Sanrame


                100 yard dash 11 and 12 year olds boys and girls


                                1st place                Aadharsh Pannirselvan


                                2nd place               Taylor Breiby


                                3rd place               Punya Gupta     


Team Events


                3 legged race  6 and 7 year olds


                                1st place                Lily Nihill and Kiki Reddy


                                2nd place               Jack Gehring and Emerson Walker


                                3rd place               Anbini Pannirselvam and MacKenzie Reamer


                3 legged race  8 and 9 year olds


                                1st place                Cecil Cox and Jack Mazerall


                                2nd place               Matthew Cohen and John Cohen


                                3rd place               Sean Crogan and Aidan McPhee


                3 legged race 10 and 11 year olds


                                1st place                Sophia Tsintsadze and Elizabeth Breiby


                                2nd place               Hannah Cataldo and Ella Lucente


                                3rd place               Nora McGovern and Isabelle Mazerall




Sack races 6 and 7 year olds


                                1st place                Kiki Reddy


                                2nd place               Lily Nihill and Alistair Rezvani


                                3rd place               Eoin McCurdy   


                Sack races 8 and 9 year olds                         girls                                                        boys


                                1st place                                Sophia Tsintsadze                            Cecil Cox


                                2nd place                               Ella Lucente                                        Sean Crogan


                                3rd place                               Madeleine Parks                              Matthew Cohen


                Sack Races 10 year olds


                                1st place                                Elizabeth Breiby                               Patrick Crogan


                                2nd place                               Nora McGovern                               Francisco de Amorrortu


                                                                                Sofia Rezvani


                                3rd place                                                                                               John Reamer


                Sack races 11 and 12 year olds


                                1st place                Taylor Breiby


                                2nd place               Aadharsh Pannirselvam




Bubble Gum Blowing Contest


                                1st place                Sean Crogan


                                2nd place               Patrick Crogan


                                3rd place               Sofia Rezvani