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4th of July Carnival - Youth Game Winners
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Lexington Lions Club                                    Youth Games              2015 4th of July Games

                                                            Event Winners List




July 4, 2015   Lexington Lion’s Club Youth Games

Costume Contests

Judges       Parent Volunteers:  John Mazerall, Lisa George-Cox, Heather Tashjian

1st           Madelyn Lucente             Historical

1st           Charitha Bavirisetty         Original   (Popcorn)

2nd          Natalie Zoss

2nd          Alexa Talkowski

3rd           Claire Lin


50 Yard Dash      Boys and Girls

6 year olds

1st           Derek Sohn

2nd          Alex Partridge

3rd           Rory Kraemer

7 year olds

1st           Zachary Shapiro

2nd          Annie Ferrans

3rd           Katie Lin

8 year olds

1st           Nicholas Tashjian

2nd              Alexander Wagner

3rd           Jackson Kitts

100 Yard Dash

9 year olds

1st           Ella Lucente

2nd          Charles Reamer

3rd           Noah Shapiro

10 year olds

1st           Madeleine Parks

2nd          CJ Cox

3rd           Regina Tashjian

11-12 year olds

1st           Ashish Pura

2nd          Octovio Sonrome

3rd           Hannah Cataldo


Team Events

3 Legged Race

6-7 year olds

1st           Jessica Liu                 Ashley Zhao

2nd          Evan Wong                Zachary Wong

3rd           Annie Ferrans            Zachary Shapiro

8-9 year olds

1st           Ella Lucente                 Sophie Ortyl

2nd          Alexander Wagner       Nicholas Tashjian

3rd           Zachary Wong             Noah Shapiro

3 Legged Race

10-11 year olds

1st           Camelia Atassi             Madeleine Parks

2nd          Isabelle Mazerall          Regina Tashjian

3rd           Bonnie Zhang              Caitlin Lian


Sack Races

6-7 year olds

                  Boys                                              Girls

1st           Benjamin Ransley                            Natalie Seed

2nd          Borneil Khondker                             Annie Ferrans

3rd           Landon Zoss                                   Allison Liu

8-9 year olds

1st           Nicholas Tashjian                           Bornali Khondker

2nd          Zachary Wong                                Lily Vohlken

3rd           Noah Shapiro                                 LilyNihill

10 year olds        Boys & Girls

1st           Ella Lucente

2nd          Madeleine Parks

3rd           CJ Cox

11-12 year olds     Boys & Girls

1st           Isabelle Mazerall

2nd         Regina Tashjian

3rd           Johnathan Reamer



Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

1st                Caitlin Lian

2nd          Octovio Sonrome

3rd           Stella Aksnes-Pehrson